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​Multimedia Services
With over 30 years of experience, Lynn Richardson has been creating great marketing campaigns from inception to production for quite a variety of projects. 

Starting with a specialty for real estate marketing, she began to include commercial architecture and building construction, and has had clients in the health, transportation, insurance, banking, and non-profit industries.  Lynn Richardson is also fortunate to have a photo portfolio that includes special events, new products, landmarks, scenery from many places and some incredible nature pictures. 

"I truly enjoy taking the photos used in my client's marketing, special events, and nature photographs.  It complements the creative development. My photos have been featured in numerous magazines and ads all over the U.S."

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                                                                    - Lynn Richardson


My areas of specialized photo services include:

- Corporate events
- YouTube Informercials 
- Social media content
- Landscapes
- Construction projects
- Real Estate - commercial and    
- Sports Events
- Products for print and web
- Charity events
- Stock photography specializing in
   scenery, wildlife and architecture
-  DVD movies on demand ( 3 hours needed for photos and movie editing)

Pricing begins at $125/hr.  
Call for more specific costs for
your special project

Contact me at 

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or call 410-493-4984.

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