Picture This Commercial Photography & Multimedia Services  When getting the best services or photos for your business or corporate event is important, you need a company who has experience and an eye for detail. At Picture This Multimedia Services -  that's exactly what you get.  A Baltimore Maryland commercial photographer, ad designer, marketing and advertising production agency with over 20 years of experience, of providing photos, graphic design, marketing strategies, media placement and supporting materials for all kinds of commercial uses, you will get just what you need for marketing, publications, web and public relations and memories.  We take the time to understand the focus and deliver excellent results.  Specializing in Business to Business Services. We don't miss a thing....really.  

And our "WOW" Factor guarantee promises that you will be more than pleased with our photographs, advertising materials and video productions. Results are guaranteed or it's FREE.

AND, If you need a stock photo for just about anything, this is the place to look. You can buy photos of just about anything. If we don't have it in our library, we can probably get it at the most reasonable prices. This site includes our library of stock photos and the marketing services that we offer.  These services include photographing corporate events, parties, commercial products, architecture & special events.  I specialize in architecture, charity events, scenery, wildlife and objects.

Our areas of specialized photo services include:

-Corporate events
-Construction projects
- Real Estate - commercial and residential
-Sports Events
-        Products for print and web
-        Charity events
-        Stock photography specializing in scenery, wildlife and architecture
-        DVD movies on demand ( 3 hours needed for photos and movie editing)

Pricing begins at $125/hr.  Call for more specific costs for your special project

Contact me at picturethismultimedia@comcast.net or call 410-493-4984.
There is never a charge for price quotes..
You'll love your projects or photos....or they're FREE!
Our "WOW" Factor guarantee is simple.  You will be completely happy with the photographs and project or it's FREE.
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